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How a Commercial Electrician Can Influence Your Office Undertaking

Office Lighting can affect overall productivity and can even play a part in making profit, in fact, lights and the lighting scheme in an office building or place of work can influence the mood of the staff working there, and knowing this, offices should take their lighting plans very seriously indeed, getting it right can lead to good, positive results which is surely the only desirable outcome for any business, it can have a big impact on your employee’s tone, usually the effects are more subtle than a bright room being stimulating compared to a dark room.

A lack of sunlight can affect a person’s mood, there is no doubt that bright industrial or commercial lighting can lift the moods of both staff and customers, seasonal disorder is a common condition that results from a lack of sunlight, rainy, cold and wintry days can be a difficult time for anyone to lift their spirits, so you can give them a helping hand in the form of bright lights all around the office, invest in some good quality, bright lights for the office or workplace, and to ensure your staff are not affected by this, it has been researched over and over again, and categorically scientists and researchers agree that good office lighting has a big influence in office positive ambiance.

There have been startling results shown when companies have upgraded their lighting systems, a dimmer for each workstation is the ideal scenario as this gives staff their own choice as to how bright they have their office lights, absenteeism is often cut by a considerable amount when new, brighter and more powerful lights are installed in the workplace, and to give staff the choice of all worlds, ideally they should be able to have access to their own light of some kind.
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Dim lighting can make people extremely drowsy and so that is why in offices, warehouses and factories it is vital that everywhere is well lit, know that when the body is subjected to darkness, it automatically starts thinking that sleep is on the agenda, with this it starts preparing itself for a good rest, and this is especially true in places where employees are carrying out routine tasks on a repetitive basis as this in particular causes drowsiness, and productivity is also affected by lighting.
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All types of products from furniture and jewelry to clothes and handbags can have their appearance improved with the right kind of lighting, the way a rack of clothes or a unit full of makeup is lit can dramatically affect sales, like cosmetics in particular need excellent lighting so the shades and textures can be properly appreciated by the customer, so it important that retailers and restaurant owners should think very carefully about any new lighting scheme.

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Choosing a Remote Control Toy

Because of the many types of remote control planes in the marketplace, one who is interested in flying them will have a difficult time choosing one especially if he is only a beginner in this sport. If you are looking for the perfect remote control plane for beginners, you will not be able to find one, but there are some things that you need to consider in order to select the best remote control plane that you can learn to fly with.

The plane’s stability in the air should be the first consideration to make. It should preferably have low speed so that when things don’t happen as they were intended to, you can respond quickly to the situation. A remote control plane for beginners should be easy and straightforward to control and should be sturdy and durable to survive any crashes that might occur.

You have a choice of assembling the plane yourself or buying a ready assembled one for beginners. Many beginners are too eager to fly their planes immediately so they will have less patience with assemble it yourself types and so they prefer the RTF or ready to fly planes. These pre-assembled planes are perfect for beginners because it gives them the satisfaction of using the toy at once. You can now purchase plane models where you do not need to attach the wings yourself so you can fly them right out of the box.
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There are many different airplane designs and it is your next step to choose the best plane design that you want. You can choose two types of airplanes that satisfy the criteria set above which are stability in the air and easy control. The first is the high wing plane design where the wings are attached to the top of the fuselage to give it more stability than the low wing aircraft. The electric powered glider is also stable in the air, and slow flying, which is beneficial to beginners who need to know about what they are doing while flying. This type of plane is larger than the others, can easily be spotted from afar but more inconvenient to transport.
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Spare parts are important especially if you are a beginner because you will surely make your plane crash several times which can give damage to some parts, and if there are no spare parts available then you will be left with an aircraft which cannot be repaired. Determine the number of channels, or controllable functions the plane has, and if it has three channels this means that you can control the power to the motor, the elevators and usually the rudder. A plane with four channels mean that you can also control the ailerons. It is easy to learn with three channels but four channels can be more fun and this is all for you to choose.

Pre-assembled, high winged or electric powered glider, spare parts, and three channels are all you need to look for in the best beginners remote control plane.

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Understanding the Role of Modern Debt Collection Services

When you look at the way that our modern economy works, one of the main things keeping everything afloat is the steady presence of accessible credit. Having the ability to get some extra money is going to be something that can help start a brand new business venture, provide an education for a young person, or help a family cover some of their most important expenses. In a world without credit, it would be quite difficult to get a lot of the things we take for granted.

The entire structure of credit, of course, relies on the assumption that anyone who borrows money will eventually pay that money back. You’re going to find that some people may have trouble remembering to pay off their loans, and this is a situation that can cause trouble for the lender and the overall economy. Because of this, it’s quite common for lenders to hire the services of a great debt collection agency so that they can get back all the money that they’ve loaned. By checking out the following information, you should find it a whole lot easier to understand how debt collection services work and why they are so necessary.

The most common type of debt collection service that you’ll encounter these days will be one designed to get back money that someone has borrowed for college. It’s easy to understand why these types of higher education debt collection companies are so important, since students generally tend to have more debt sitting on their accounts than anyone else. By making sure that you’re getting all of the money you’re owed returned to you, it will be easier for you to continue your work of helping fund education.
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You’ll find a fair number of other areas for handling debt collection. There are many other times when people will take out loans that they cannot afford, such as when they have to go into debt to cover some medical costs. It’s often important to have the right kind of healthcare collections company to help these hospitals to get the money that they have earned for providing treatment. You’ll find that keeping the medical industry funded is a critical part of ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy solid care.
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It’s easy to see that debt is something that many people these days are carrying from year to year. When you have the right sort of debt collections agency on your team, however, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to get all the money you’re owed.

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Decent Facts About The Clergy Shirt The meaning or what really is a clergy shirt might be unclear for you. To explain it simply, clergy shirts are the shirts that are worn by the people in the clergy. The people in the clergy typically wears a robe or a vest during a mass or a special occasion, what they wear under it is a clergy shirt. Burt most of the times, it is the clergy shirts that serves as an everyday apparel for the minister or other members of the clergy. The denomination of the people that are wearing these shirts are basically the basis on how it is practiced wearing. That is why it depends on because in some clergy, they only require the wearing of particular clothes wherein in some clergy. They will also their clergy members to wear ordinary clothes aside from the ones that they are prescribing. If you look back in history, the practice of priests and clergymen way back in the days are different. But in today’s time, most of the clergymen are now wearing clergy shirt and it is sometimes coupled with a clerical collar in order to identify them as a part of the clergy.
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The clergy shirt has now been embraced by a lot of clergymen unlike before were the rules in the dress code is very strict. The vestment is the one that is blessed before it is worn but when it comes to clerical shirts and apparel, it is not hard to find and buy them nowadays.
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If you are interested in buying clergy shirts, they can be found on the internet. Even the clergy members buy their clergy shirts on these online shops and they buy them by bulk. Due to the change in the technology, the apparel of the clergymen have also adopted to change, in its form today, the color, the design and the style has also changed. There is a limitation on the design and the style of the apparel of then clergymen way back then. But in today’s modern world, the design, and the color may vary depending on the country. These clergymen can even choose the fabric that they want. You don’t have to worry too much if you are the one that is assigned to purchase or look for these apparels as they are all available online with different colors and designs to choose from. It is through shopping one that you will be able to get good deals especially if you can contact the manufacturers themselves. Your church will be able to save money from the discounts that you get when you shop online. Just because the manufacturers will not be spending advertisements on their products, shopping online will get you good discounts. These manufacturers can even maintain a business at home because of the convenience is given by the internet. These business owners will be able to avoid huge overhead and maintenance expenses.

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Choosing the Right Business and Home Security Systems

With increasing concerns about crime and safety, home and business security systems have become a necessity in recent years. Installing the right home security system gives you peace of mind and ensures the safety of you, your loved ones as well as your property. For businesses, a modern security system is crucial in preventing theft and other crimes that may lead to property damage and financial losses. However, shopping for the right business home security system is not an easy task. With the different types of systems available and varying security needs of every buyer, you need to consider some of these factors before spending your money.

Decide on the most appropriate security system for your home or business. Do you really need to invest in a security system? If your answer is yes, then you need to choose a security system that will meet your specific needs. Living in a safe neighborhood doesn’t mean that you should not be concerned about your safety. Anyone can be a victim of robbery or burglary at any given time. Depending on your needs, you need to choose between security cameras, alarm systems or combined security systems that include advanced features like home automation, motion sensors and burglar proof windows and doors. A reliable security system should offer the best solutions for your home and business security requirements.

Carefully consider the features you need for home or business security system? Unlike some years back when managing security systems was a big challenge, today you can monitor installed security systems like cameras and alarms even when you’re away from home or your business. The market today offers many features that enable monitoring and managing of security systems highly convenient and simple. Some of the features to consider include video surveillance, wireless technology, security sensors, automated alarms, remote access, lighting and central monitoring.
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Do some research to find top brands offering business and home security products. With the many security companies around, you need to do your homework right. The best security system will perform excellently and be of true value. Identify security companies that have been in business for many years and ensure that they provide personalized security solutions locally. You will also want to read reviews and comments about different companies and their security products. By doing so, you will be in a better position to evaluate their level of customer service and quality standards. Analyzing customer feedback enables you to make a better decision on which company to select.
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Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a business home security system and the maintenance costs involved. It’s important to understand that quality security systems, from simple entry-level camera and alarm systems to advanced business security products, don’t come cheap. The more security features you want, the higher the costs. Leave out any features that you may not need in your security system to save costs. Get quotes from different security companies, be specific about you want and choose a system that is affordable and easy to use, maintain and monitor every day.

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The Basics on Deck Restoration

Deck restoration is very important for a lot of different kinds of reasons, so that is something that you will want to take into thought of even if it is a bit of a hassle to do and something that a lot of people tend to put off until they really have to do it. Before you go about restoring your deck, the first step that you should do is to make sure the deck has been properly inspected and you have looked everything over first, so you know what you are getting yourself into.

If your deck was damaged because of a storm then, it is critical to inspect the deck for any kind of damage especially to the foundation which is critical. There is truly a ton of things to think about when restoring a deck but if you want to make sure the deck is safe and will remain in good condition then it is so important that you are able to restore the deck on a solid foundation. The last thing you will want is your deck to collapse on you while you are entertaining friends and family, so always put a lot of effort into ensuring your deck is being built on a solid foundation.

Always ensure you can provide your stairs with proper maintenance because out of every part on your stairs, this will take the most abuse and overtime it can develop issues such as cracks, so you really have to put some thought into improving this. Out of every part of the deck your stairs will require the most inspections, so that is just something you really have to make sure you can put into thought of when you are doing deck restoration. Another part you need to take into mind of is the railing because this is a safety issue and is there to make sure people are not falling off the deck, so this is something you will have to inspect on a regular basis as well.
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There is without a doubt many considerations to take into thought of but if you want to be successful when you are shopping around, it is a good idea to put some thought into having excellent railings when you are in the process of deck restoration because railing not only make your deck look amazing but they also ensure that it is safe as well. And that is the ins and outs on deck restoration and some of the things you need to keep into thought about when you are trying to make your deck look brand new but also to make sure it is completely and totally safe by inspecting the foundation, stairs, and also the railings as well.9 Lessons Learned: Decks

20 Different Goatee Beard Styles Picture For Men In 2016

Beard styles are something that has a huge variety among men. As the trend of having a beard is increasing quickly, we have brought to you another post regarding different beard style. There are so many ways to keep a beard. You can have beard without a mustache or a goatee beard. You can also have short beard without mustache or a chin strap beard styles.

Goatee styles

So we are starting with the goatee styles. As you already know, it is the easiest and quick men beard style to adapt. It does not require too much of maintenance. If you are new for this style, you must be having a question in your mind that how do I grow a goatee. Well, the answer is that you need to grow to facial hair below your lip. Once a certain amount of hair is grown, you have to choose one of the perfect shaving styles for facial hair for you. There are so many styles of goatees. First one is the small goatee with little beard. This is a very suitable kind of look. It is apt for office as well as parties. This is also quick to do but you have keep maintained that beard. The next one among goatee styles is the goatee with thick beard. This is quite opposite to the one mentioned above. This is also suitable for most of the occasions. In this, you need to grow your facial hair a bit longer. It is suitable for all face shapes. Another goatee beard style is the opposite triangular one. This came into trend when Hollywood celebs adapted it. It is one of the highly classy and stylish goatees. It is totally up to you that you want to keep a beard with it or not. But if you completely want to follow celebs look, then you should keep fine facial hairs.

Suitable face shapes for goatee styles

Almost every face shaped, whether it is long, round, v-shaped or square, it is suitable for all. The reason is that it does not cover a large area of your face. In this style, you don’t need long or thick facial hair. A little facial hair will be sufficient for such beard styles.

Maintenance of goatee beard

For goatees, you don’t need more facial hair and that’s why more maintenance is not needed. If you a beginner, then also you can try this style on your own. It is not compulsory that for the first time you need to visit a salon. Such beard styles can easily be maintained without any professional assistance.

Mustache styles

Sometimes a beard looks incomplete without mustache. To complete your manly look, there are so many options among mustache styles which you can choose. We are starting with the basic one. The basic one is that you just grow your facial hair and let it grow. After that, you have to decide whether you want a thick or thin facial hair styles. It is understood that for the thick one, you have to wait longer. The mustache can be full length, in the mid of upper lip, it can be straight or it can be curly from the edges. The choice depends on you. It also depends on the fact that what kind of mustache styles actually suits you. For beginners it is better that they start with the basic style. Because going from no-mustache to a full-mustache might be difficult for you.

Maintenance of mustache styles

Yes, it requires maintenance. But the main fact is that you need to be very careful during trimming. Carelessness can lead to injuries. Mostly the upper lip has to face minor cuts due to mishaps in trimming in such men beard style. If you are beginner, you can go to a salon.

Facial hair styles

It refers to what kind of beard you are willing to carry. You can have naturally thick or thin facial hair. For the bushy look, you need thick facial hair. And for the cleanly trimmed look, thin facial hair is needed. As you go further, there are so many options for different beard style. One of the most stylish look in beard is the beard connected to upper jaw. This look is suitable for informal occasions, and sometimes for formal also, but not always. Another style is the finely trimmed full beard. In this, facial hairs are covering half of your cheek and mustache area. In such facial hair styles, maintenance is more. It is a rough look but manly yet.


For thick men beard style, initial maintenance is less. Because in the beginning stage you just need to let your hair grow. After that you need to keep maintenance other the look can appear as untidy and unhygienic. The fact is that maintenance changes according to different beard style. For thin facial hair look, maintenance starts at an earlier stage because here you need to manage your facial hair from the very beginning.

So this was all about the goatees, mustache and facial hair styles. And as we always say, choose the one that compliments you.

1.Christian Bale Thin chin facial hair with goatee styles
goatee styles

2.Dwayne Johnson Full chin with fine mustache beard styles
goatee styles

3.George Clooney Jaw facial hair styles with mustache for men
goatee styles

4.Fine jaw line trimmed beard with mustache styles
goatee styles

5.Long mustache with thick different Goatee style
goatee styles

6.Messy and thick latest men beard style
goatee styles

7.Hugh Jackman Jaw and under jaw beard styles with joint mustache
goatee styles

8.Leonardo DiCaprio Small goatees with very less facial hair beard look
goatee styles

9.Pierce Brosnan Bushy beard and full mustache facial hair styles
goatee styles

10.Robert Downey Opposite triangle goatee beard with fine facial hair
goatee styles

11.Robert Downey Jaw line beard with fine mustache styles
goatee styles

12.Robert Pattinson Only chin facial hair as different Goatee beard style
goatee styles

13.Brad Pitt Small goatees with thin facial hair style for men
goatee styles

14.Brad Pitt Thick and long beard with goatee styles
goatee styles

15.Hugh Jackman Full bushy beard and mustache beard styles
goatee styles

16.Hugh Jackman Thick goatees for thicker facial hair with mustache
goatee styles

17.jason statham Cleanly trimmed half cheek facial hair styles
goatee styles

18.johnny depp Unique goatee styles with tied beard in two sections
goatee styles

19.Bushy beard styles for thick and more facial hair
goatee styles

20.paul walker Messy goatees with trimmed facial hair all over

goatee styles

Bridal Lehenga



  • Red colored Bridal Dress:

In the past, just red shading was considered as the shading for marriage dress just. Around then, red shading was connected with the lady of the hour .In any case, now, in today’s present day time, this pattern has changed .Presently , fashioners use mix of various hues to make the dress delightful and eye getting . Our style craftsmen make one of a kind mix of various hues and shades .They did as such on the grounds that to build fun and to expand the magnificence of marriage dresses in Pakistan .Brilliant and Silver are two such hues that are especially hotel nowadays, these two hues are likewise utilized with the differentiation and mix of different hues .These hues likewise contain a shining impact which helps in improving your identity and makes you more exquisite .But the reality is that how much the period would change , whatever shading blend you decided for your marriage dress, however the truth of the matter is that the lady of the hour dependably looks exceptionally beguiling and lovely in red shading .

  • Pakistani Brides:

What’s more, on the off chance that we discuss Pakistani young ladies, then we can say that Pakistani young ladies keeps a great deal of energy and enthusiasm about their wedding days, bridal lehenga and every one of the things and arrangements identified with that unique event .In Pakistan, typically there is a society and convention for the lady of the hour to wear lehnga with long/short shirt on marriage day .In some areas in Pakistan it is the rule that the lady of the hour must cover her face with the cloak so that nobody aside from the lucky man can see the lady of the hour at first look .So in this nation, wherever this custom is taken after, then for the ladies of that territory, our creators outlines such wedding dresses that are as per their way of life and conventions .With the goal that they can without much of a stretch make the most of their weddings as indicated by their ceremonies .

Are Mixed Gender Shows the End of Men’s Fashion Weeks?

As more brands combine their men’s and women’s shows, what is the future of standalone men’s fashion weeks?

LONDON, United Kingdom — Of the many changes brands are making to the fashion week formula, one approach seems to be sticking: mixed-gender catwalk shows.

Starting in September, Burberry and Bottega Veneta will combine their men’s and women’s collections into one show, held on the women’s show schedule. In 2017, Gucci will follow suit and Tommy Hilfiger has announced plans to “eventually” do the same.

Meanwhile, Zegna, Calvin Klein, Brioni, Cavalli, Costume National, and Ermanno Scervino have all opted not to host shows at Milan menswear week in June, leaving the men’s schedule noticeably empty. Zegna and Calvin Klein will skip this season as they change designers, while Brioni will show at women’s couture week in Paris instead. In Paris, Balenciaga’s first menswear show will bolster the schedule, though both Berluti and Saint Laurent will be absent this season.

For brands, mixed-gender shows have some advantages. First, there are the costs saved by hosting one show rather than two. Some designers also conceive their men’s and women’s collections from the same ideas and inspirations, so showing them together makes sense from a creative standpoint (although some major houses employ different creative leaders for their men’s and women’s businesses). And in some stores, menswear and womenswear are merchandised together, so it is helpful for buyers to view them together on the runway.

So how will mixed-gender shows impact men’s fashion weeks, especially fledgling weeks like London Collections: Men, which launched in 2012, and New York Fashion Week: Men’s, which launched last year? Without blockbuster shows by brands like Burberry, will these events still pull in international buyers and editors? BoF spoke to a handful of industry insiders to find out.

Steven Kolb, president & chief executive officer, CFDA

“The validity of New York Fashion Week: Men’s is still strong. It might not be the giant animal that other men’s fashion weeks have been or are — or might not be much longer. But it has a valid purpose and I don’t see that going away. There are so many brands that are singularly men’s, which feed off the trade show schedule and see the value of being in the market. There is still a validity for NYFW: Men’s in terms of feeding talent that is new and young.

What I see happening, though, is this blur between collections. I see a shift to ‘seasonless’ ideas. What I think is going to happen is you’ll see men’s shows now having women’s collections, you’ll see men’s and women’s together, you’ll see men’s going into women’s, you’ll see brands going off Spring and Fall and into Pre-Collections. I think we’ll find ourselves not even saying Pre-Fall, Fall, Resort anymore, but going with what some brands are already doing: Collection 1, Collection 2, Collection 3.”

Caroline Rush, chief executive officer, British Fashion Council

“Having designers question pre-conceived notions of gender or simply recognising that menswear collections are appealing to a female consumer is a trend that continues. Craig Green, for example, has started using female models to show his collections in order to appeal to his pre-existing female clients. Showing menswear and womenswear alongside each other on the runway when you have one creative director helps to build a cohesive brand. The prevalence of womenswear in the summer men’s shows also works in terms of timings [due to the] menswear shows’ crossover with Pre-Collections sales times.

Having said that, we are keen that this doesn’t eclipse the fact that we have significant menswear-only businesses and leading menswear talent in London, and that this is being promoted accordingly to reach a growing market segment. We also recognise that blending shows does cause challenges for audiences that may not traditionally travel to menswear shows. We take this point seriously and are exploring new ways in which we can work with audiences to make this work or deliver exclusive content around the shows.”

Vanessa Friedman, fashion director & chief fashion critic, The New York Times

“Mixed-gender shows may be the end of men’s fashion weeks as we have known them for the last two years — i.e. as a week each in London, New York, Milan and Paris. What I would expect is that more brands that sell both men’s and womenswear will begin to buy into the economic and creative logic of showing both lines together. This will probably pump up the women’s schedule, which is already longer and more populated than men’s, and thus has a certain magnetic pull, though it could also have beneficial fall-out for Pre-Collections (Public School will have its unified show during Resort in New York this month).

What it may do, however, is put an end to the men’s weeks in London and New York, which are the youngest of the bunch (despite the fact Sibling has just announced it is showing its unified lines during London Collections: Men, which complicates things further). However, brands that sell only menswear will still need an outlet and a fashion week of their own, and it may not make sense for them to show during womenswear. My guess is the unexpected beneficiary of all this will be Pitti Uomo in Florence.”

Josh Peskowitz, co-founder, Magasin

“Mixed gender shows aren’t the end of men’s fashion shows, but they will redefine fashion weeks. Most of the big houses don’t only do men’s, so if they all combine it will change the scheduling of the weeks. The amount of shows left over wouldn’t be enough to merit the investment in travel. If the schedule does shift to the dates of men’s (which would be better for women’s buyers as well) then we will have to consider the economic and logistical repercussions of the move. New York, Milan and Paris hotels are already packed, not to mention the show venues. Having both sides of the industry in the same cities at the same time would be very hard to navigate. Will there be enough cars to hire? Enough hotel rooms? Enough seats? Who gets precedence?

Since fashion shows are just as much marketing as a tool for editorial and retail, it makes sense to get a bigger impact for the investment. So from the brands’ perspective it seems to me like a win. I don’t think it would necessarily lessen editorial coverage of the men’s shows, but readers and consumers would not necessarily have the bandwidth to sift through all the info.”

Suzy Menkes, international editor, Vogue

“For 22 years, I did the men’s shows as well as the women’s shows when virtually nobody else was doing that. And then, suddenly, the men’s collections flowered and became immensely important. I think they’re now going to be reduced back to a natural state of things. I certainly think that Zegna, which is a real example of men’s clothing, is completely different from a brand that does men’s and women’s like Gucci. So I don’t know how you divide those up, but I’d say leave more room, more space for the genuine menswear companies and combine the others.”

Justin O’Shea, creative director, Brioni

“I think having men and women together is more positive than negative. The women’s industry moves at a far faster rate than the men’s industry. I think that the more youthful, enthusiastic excitement and more fun in the women’s industry is something that men’s doesn’t have as much.

I think the best part about LC:M is that it’s the new generation of men’s fashion week. It’s all young designers, it’s ultimately creative — the commerciality of it is probably something that will develop over time, but it’s still something that is very exciting. Just look at the difference: LC:M is exciting; Milan men’s fashion week is boring. That’s not any detriment to the brands, but maybe some people need a kick in the ass — can you survive during the same thing or do you need to move along a little?

Whether LC:M should be on the same schedule as London women’s fashion week, I think that is a really interesting idea — whether the show schedule can hold men and women together. Maybe then fashion weeks should be like, ‘Should all shows be on schedule?’”

Tim Blanks, editor-at-large, The Business of Fashion

“What will be very interesting is how you combine the media. That’s probably the challenge — does that mean more work for less journalists?

I think combining men’s and women’s shows makes sense when you see collections like Gucci, because the compatibility of the two collections is so great. The same with Helmut Lang, back in the olden days — you can never imagine those collections being split. It will create interesting synchronicities that don’t exist right now.

But then you’re into all that stuff about deliveries. We’re looking at rationalisation on so many levels right now, and [everyone showing on the men’s timings in January and June] would seem to be quite a sensible one.”

Angelo Flaccavento, fashion journalist

“To me it makes perfect sense in terms of creative vision and timing, too. It can be a bit tricky in terms of press, because there are two separate outlets — menswear and womenswear magazines. But there are also less and less differences between men and women. Most collections just carry on the same inspiration, so it makes perfect sense.”

Kevin Harter, vice president & men’s fashion director, Bloomingdale’s

“Selfishly, I love having a fashion week where men’s is the focus. I’ve seen it so many times where men’s has had to take the back seat. But I understand what’s going on in the market. The reality is we’re going to see more people combining their shows — and even more importantly, showing their clothing in more unique ways. I think that’s what we’re all preparing for. There’s a real element of the unknown out there right now.”

Bosse Myhr, Director of Menswear, Selfridges

“The key point of interest for me is a new sense of fluidity and freedom in the industry. All formats are relevant now — and increasingly designers can find their own way and on their own terms. There was a point when people thought fashion shows would be a thing of the past in the digital age — when this format is now more dynamic, accessible and engaging than ever before. Men’s fashion weeks are a valuable platform — flexibility and new ideas can only bring new and expanded opportunities.”

Feel instantly attractive as you slip into these skin baring tops

So you thought of yourself as a conservative dresser most of the time.Your daytime wear typically consists of a jeans and a t-shirt while your office wear hasn’t seen anything else other than the classic button downs and trousers. And then one day you find yourself browsing through Amy Smilovic’s (Tibi) contemporary collection and realize to your dismay that the world of fashion is quite colourful and has many different varieties of ladies tops as against the testimony of your own closet which was typically confined to plain tees in solid colours and few pairs of well-tailored button downs in shades of monochrome. The lady who is being attributed to have started the cold shoulder movement, suddenly inspires you with itsclean, crisp, sexy and feminine collections. That was the day! By now you have thoroughly altered your go-to-gear game as you stumbled upon the off shoulder tops and crop tops.  And with crop tops online the experienceproved to be totally worth it.





Although the discovery was quite late as against the ubiquity of these fashion trends, both off shoulder tops and crop tops highlighted those areas of female body which have been hitherto ignored and untouched by all the stylish ladies tops.And while you were still obsessed over the look of your belly button, off shoulder style has made their place in every wardrobe and soon exposed clavicle became the new definition of sexy summer style.


As you were learning thesubtleties of these stylish tops, they were simultaneously evolving taking in a variety of new silhouettes and by the time you thought you have the courage to wear the off shouldertops with a distinct style, they were everywhere, available in a whole range of colours, styles and prints. But the trend didn’t die down and you took it as a good sign. Opening and browsing crop tops online landed quite a few great pieces in your wardrobe and this made you smile with a new enthusiasm.




Your old friend, the tried and true pair of jeans and t-shirts must not have liked it but then you were least bothered. The new collection of ladies tops which you had recently updated was much more than you had thought. The off shoulder tops were extremely versatile which meant that they can be paired with almost anything be it skirts, pants or shorts. Suddenly you had so much variety. You agreed for the first time that dressing up is fun and interesting.Also, with crop tops onlineyou updated your wardrobe with these cute tummy baring styles in stylish colours and prints. There were boxy crop tops, off shoulder crop tops, striped crop tops, button down crop tops and many many more.


Crop tops online came as a great help as you perfected your svelte figure. A new wardrobe also led to new fitness goals. These ladies tops were great as they can be easily styled for different moods and occasions. Even your work wear saw some great style update as you immersed yourself in the latest fashion trends and found the secret to look instantly attractive without much effort.